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Monday, August 03, 2015

Duck Stuff: Monday Edition

■ We are back from our family camping trip and had a grand time. Here are a few posts for your Monday.

■ Oregon was picked fifth in the recent coaches poll and will repeat as the Pac-12 North champs.

For the fifth straight season, the Oregon football team enters preseason camp as a top-five team nationally and the pick to the win the Pac-12’s North Division.

■ Tre and Josh offer their analysis on how much pressure Oregon will need to put on opposing quarterbacks in the next segment of "how they see it."

■ Rob Moseley has preseason previews for the running backs, receiving corps and offensive line.

ESPN’s take on the running backs: Great shape: “The Ducks' backfield stable may be the envy of the country.”


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Duck Stuff: Tuesday Edition

■ Rob Moseley previews the preseason battle at the quarterback position.

...Jeff Lockie has demonstrated repeatedly over the last 12 months that he can step up his game. He’s carried himself with a different demeanor all offseason; he remains outgoing, with a self-effacing brand of humor, but that’s been on display a little less, as Lockie has projected a more focused, poised demeanor, perhaps in a nod to the opportunity that’s at hand...

■ Jason Selby wonders if a Duck dynasty might be in the making.

Josh & Tre at eDuck talk about the offensive line in the latest segment of "how they see it."

■ Mike Merrell believes the Ducks are poised to fly higher.

FYI - I will be gone camping until next Monday so check back then for more stories.